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we all suffer &
we all have a


Welcome to the Fire & Grace podcast website! We hope you've had time to listen to an episode, or two or three or all! We believe that we all suffer and we all have a story.  And it's in sharing these stories and talking about the storms of life that we can better empathize, care for others and be inspired to persevere in life and in faith.

Life is hard and full of brokenness, and we all endure seasons of trial. This is a place to connect and relate with incredible people and their stories of suffering, hope and perseverance. You many shed a tear or two, for we do not minimize the pain, but we hope you are able to laugh at times and find joy even in the midst of suffering. So join us, as we talk about the hard stuff, for we trust that through the fire, God is moulding and shaping us all into something beautiful.

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